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April 3-7, AERA 2014 in Philadelphia, PA


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Message from the Chair

Karen Swan


Welcome to the Online Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group! (SIG-OTL) of the American Educational Research Association.

The mission of SIG-OTL is to support the discussion, dissemination, and critical examination of research on a broad range of issues related to online and blended learning and the use of Internet technologies in education.

With the number and variety of MOOC and MOOC-like offerings growing, and the numbers of students taking “traditional” online courses continuing to expand worldwide, our focus could not be more timely. We seek to explore the reality behind the hype, to investigate the affordances and constraints of online environments, to gather evidence of beneficial strategies and approaches in online learning at all levels, and to understand how students learn online.

Please join us at SIG-OTL’s sessions at the 2014 annual meeting. We have five paper sessions and two poster sessions reporting on a variety of really interesting research on online and blended learning. We are also sponsoring two panels – one led by Barbara Means on the tension between innovative application of online learning and research on the effectiveness of online approaches; and at our business meeting, Ellen Wagner will lead a panel discussing learning analytics and the Predictive Analytics Reporting project.

Karen Swan